Logo Design

Our goals are simple, to “be better. ”  We take ideas- poke, play, sculpt, cast, and form them to create unique and timeless logo design identities.  Our team is small but our range is large.

A branded world

There’s more to a logo than you think

In order to for your company to build a active customer base and enjoy repeat business, it’s time to get serious about defining your visual identity and building your brand. Great visual identities work as memory hooks, that create a long lasting impression on the viewer’s mind. In today social media world, businesses can’t afford to remain faceless. logo design

The key to our success is that we listen to our clients; ask ourselves who are they, what do they do best and how do they wish to be perceived; through this we inspire designs that can capture the personality of their company, helping their audience to connect with them on a more personal level, driving sales and boosting customer retention.

Across media

Connect with their global audience

Today it’s more importance than ever to present a strong, credible image to your public. Elegant yet simple a visual marks instantly relay a message of what its company’s values are. It is the most powerful marketing tool that is used to project a brand’s credibility.

Form online to stationary, packaging and vehicle branding, your visual identity is the corner stone of your public image and must remain coherent across all platforms.

Bespoke designs

Instantly relay your message

Everything we do is 100% custom made for our clients. We live to create brands, everything from fashion labels to pencil erasers; we create the voice that speaks the loudest. Our team works closely with you to conceptualize, develop and define your brand’s image.

Our design process

Our process first begins with a detailed investigation of your business, its competitors and target audience. From here we can develop concepts and style boards to further refine your visual personality; crafting every aspect of your new identity, from naming and logo design to defining your key brand messages.


Our design process first begins meeting with you to discuss and brainstorm the creation of their brand, During the discovery stage we begin by asking a list of questions customized for you, so that we can build a picture of what you hope to achieve with your design.

Design & develop

Our designers take client feedback into consideration, then creating your visual identity and makes changes accordingly. The logo design is presented to the client during many rounds of revisions before the client is satisfied with the final product.


Once happy with the resulting logo, our designers will produce a variety of file types such as AI, PSD, JPEG, PNG, EPS, PDF, that can be used for various outputs. Upon delivery of the final files, we continue working with our clients to create a full brand identity system using the new logo; employing the logo on marketing materials and promotional products etc.

Branding service

What we can do

Whether you are starting from scratch, or launching a new product, our team of creative nerds is here to help. We live to create brands, everything from fashion labels to pencil erasers; we create the voice that speaks the loudest. Our team works closely with you to conceptualise, develop and define your brand’s image.

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